This is what your day looks like with us:
You work during the day and completely independently with the machine entrusted to you. Heidenhain control is your second nature. Program, set and operate large milling machines - you know exactly what you are doing. The most suitable tools are selected by you and you process the product on the basis of a detailed drawing and a clear work instruction. Of course you check yourself and follow the prescribed protocols.

has an MBO level (through education and / or work experience), preferably MTS-Wtb. You feel completely at home in a technically advanced work environment and you strive to constantly improve your knowledge level and the performance level of your machine. You go for the optimum result and highest achievable quality, just like us. As a colleague you are enthusiastic, motivated and a real go-getter.

offer you a responsible, challenging but also very flexible position within a very stable and internationally oriented organization that has a good reputation. Your working environment can best be described as clean, light and high-quality. In addition, we continuously offer all our employees the space to keep your knowledge and skills constantly at a high level by, among other things, offering tailor-made courses and training courses.

Terms of employment + profit sharing!
As a CNC-Frezer / Kotteraar, we offer you a very attractive employment conditions package such as an excellent salary and excellent secondary employment conditions. As an employee at Boessenkool, you also share in the profit, because if you are doing well, then you are doing well.

Machine factory Boessenkool from Almelo
Founded in 1902 and has specialized in (large) machining, certified welding and complete / complex machine construction for more than 100 years. Active in many industries. Continuous investments have been made in a modern and pleasant working environment. We produce products for customers, but we also develop entirely our own machines and equipment! Products up to 20 x 6 meters with a weight of up to 120 tons! Thanks to its know-how, craftsmanship and continuous investment, the company has become one of the most important global players in the field of machine construction and supply. In order to steer the rapidly increasing order flow and demand for increasingly high-quality products in the right direction, we continue to look for good professionals with the right drive.

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