CNC turning for high-quality machining

At Machinefabriek Boessenkool you can do various machining work. Regardless of the size of the order or the size of the product. We have an extensive machine park with quality machines. In addition to mechanical engineering, we are able to perform a range of machining operations. This includes boring, cobot welding, major welding, drilling, grinding, milling, major machining, CNC turning and carousel turning. The professionals at Machinefabriek Boessenkool always aim for optimal processing and the best end result.


  • HALKRAAN max. 120 ton (2x 60 ton)

CNC turning

CNC turning is a machining technique in which the product rotates and thus carries out the cutting movement. Turning is performed on a lathe and there are many forms of turning. You can turn by hand, but it is also possible to control this machining operation with the computer. This is called CNC turning. The abbreviation CNC stands for 'Computer Numerical Control' and is used for computer-controlled machines. This way of turning allows our professional CNC turners to perform various turning techniques for you.

Different lathes are used for CNC turning than for hand turning. These lathes for CNC turning can be used both horizontally and vertically. Depending on the tolerance and weight of the product to be machined, the best direction is chosen. Because everything is computer controlled, the CNC turner does not have to constantly pay attention to the machine.

A CNC lathe has a clamp that holds the product that needs to be machined properly in place. Depending on the material, but also on the size of the product and the tool, the product itself rotates at the speeds necessary to cut away the desired material.

Use of many turning techniques

Whatever your wishes in the field of turning, at Machinefabriek Boessenkool we are happy to look with you and then get to work for you. Whether it concerns CNC turning, carousel turning or conventional turning.

CNC turning

CNC turning can be applied to most materials, such as metal and plastic. This machining technique falls into the G-code and M-code categories, with the EIA-274-D being the standard.CNC turning is widely used, partly because workpieces are processed quickly and accurately by the computer control system.

At Machinefabriek Boessenkool, CNC turning is carried out extremely accurately using various machines. The process can always be performed quickly and in many positions. By using automation, we limit the risk of errors to a minimum and complex workpieces can also be turned. This way you are also assured of consistent quality. CNC turning is efficient, flexible and offers many possibilities. Machine Factory Boessenkool is happy to help you.

Carousel turning

The largest carousel lathe from Machinefabriek Boessenkool is the HANKOOK. This allows CNC carousels to be rotated up to a size of 5,500 x 4,000 mm. With a maximum weight per workpiece of 60 tons and a power of 235 KW, it is possible to turn all materials. Carousel turning delivers high quality and accuracy up to 0.01 mm.

Conventional turning

At Machinefabriek Boessenkool we can apply various turning techniques. Think of longitudinal turning, transverse turning, slotting, profile turning, cone turning, copy turning or turning with numerical control. We have the right professionals and machines in-house to carry out this form of turning with the utmost accuracy.

Long turning work

Sometimes long turning work is required. A long turner is a type of machine designed to turn small complex precision parts. On a conventional CNC lathe, the product rotates and the tool is moved. In long turning work, the product moves along the Z axis and the tool stands still. Long turning is a process that is used to meet specific wishes and is a combination of experience, knowledge of materials, tools and machines and the creativity of the CNC turner.

High-quality CNC turning

CNC turning is carried out at Machinefabriek Boessenkool in an air-conditioned production hall. This allows top quality work to be done on, for example, large bottle carrier tables on a robust base frame. But also large bearings for wind turbines and flameproof housings for turbines and compressors. But we can also produce large structures for an MRI scanner or rotating pressure couplings for the oil and gas industry without any problem. The required accuracies and expansion accommodation for these types of projects are spectacular. It is therefore not without reason that we only work with expert CNC turners and the very best machines. Our professionals are skilled in various forms of turning. From CNC turning to conventional turning.

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