Certificates and inspections help and always guarantee the best quality of operations by machine factory Boessenkool.

For various inspection bodies, including RINA, Lloyds, ABS, DNV, and others, the Boessenkool machine factory is competent for stamping (stamp authorized)

  • Quality assurance with ISO 9001: 2008 since 1993
  • The implementation of our quality control and quality assurance is guaranteed by the ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate from Loyds Register Netherlands
  • Weld ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090 (EXC-3) certifications
  • Quality control procedures and measuring equipment are supervised by Mr B. Hali.
  • If required, we can also take care of the certification of your products by one of the Notified Bodies, such as Lloyds, RINA, DNV, ABS, Bureau Veritas, etc
  • Our welding specialists are in possession of certificates for the most varied welding techniques, including the ASME IX, ISO 9606-1 and 9606-2 quality marks, ANSI AWS D1.1, API6, NACE, PED, etc
  • Some welders are in possession of an IWT certificate (International Welding Technologist)
  • All our outside engineers are in possession of a VCA * diploma
  • All our senior engineers are in possession of the VCA ** diploma

The Boessenkool APPROACH

As a co-maker, real constructive collaboration is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. It's about performance and pleasure. As well as a constant alertness to inventiveness and craftsmanship. The one reinforces the other. And with that we often simply realize the best solutions.

With the options that we have available, we create custom-made products for all possible purposes. We can rely on an organization in which the processes have a synergy of knowledge, competences and facilities. And which, given the nature of our work, is fueled by an influx of new experience with almost every assignment. We use this and other information to test our organization. We like to function as an effective machine. With a sober Boessenkool approach. To this end, it is important that our options are precisely tailored to working with our markets. As an organization, we are constantly set up in stroke formation.

Our co-maker mentality is based on complete know-how of design, development, production, construction, assembly and service. Added values ​​that result from this are that many problems for the customer are solved in practice, also unsolicited. Work is constantly being done to improve the quality of its product.