Quality assurance

Quality comes first at Boessenkool,
that's why we are widely certified.
Branche olie en gas in de machinebouw

The boessenkool approach

As a true co-maker cooperation and teamplaying are firmlye rooted principles in our company cultur. It’s all about high performance and finding pleasure in the thngs your do. Together with a continues arousel and inventiveness the ingredients are there to built great products. Because of this we simply find the best solutions.

With the processes and possibilities in our factory we creat products for various industries. During the production we can fall back on a solid base of knowledge, craftsmanship and experience. Because of the nature of our work these are continiously fed with new experience.

Our co-maker mentality is based on complete know how from developement to design to production, fabrication,machining, assembly, testing and service. Added value is a problem solving productionteam that solves problems in the process in pratice. Customers feel that their products are in a continious improvement loop.

Documentcontrol by means of a manufacturing record book is in most projects a very important aspect of the works that needs great care when working on complex equipment that mostly are a part of a larger equipment and/or installation. Meanly because the breakdown risk on those large installation or equipment can be enormous. Boessenkool has a very effective and practical approach for this and a system in place to assist. Een manufacturing record book made by Boessenkool is accurate and complete. But also compact and efficient in a way that it can be used as a reliable stearinginstrument during the production proces.

References of machinefabriek Boessenkool can be found on the most various places of the world. Because we are problem solving and solutions providing for our customers in manufacturing special purpose workpieces. That’s why we can work in almost every branch or industry. Our customers are mostly machine builders, equipment builders, production companies, engineering companies, international research organisations, artists, way- and waterway governments and other public sector organisations.

With the majority of our customers we already work for many, many years (some over 50 years), this longterm bussinessrelationship is highly appreciated from both sides. When we are approaching a new relation, we are especially looking for the perspective for a longterm succesfull and pleasant cooperation.

Certifications and marking

Certificates and inspections help Boessenkool to assure and control our production processes and quality standard.

Boessenkool is approved to re-mark certified materials for RINA, Lloyds, ABS, DNV, and others.

Quality Assurance by ISO 9001:2008 since 1993

The quality control and quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2008 is audited and approved by Loyds Register in the Netherlands

Welding certifications ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090 (EXC-3)

Quality Control System and measuring tools are under supervision of mr. B. Hali.

On request we can also provide Third Party survey and certification by Lloyds, RINA, DNV, ABS and Bureau Veritas

Our welding specialists are in equiped with a large variety of welding techniques and certified by various directives like ASME IX, ISO EN287-1:2004, ANSI AWS, etc.

Some of our welders are educated IWT’s (International Welding Technitians)

Al our service mecaniques are in the possession of a VCA* certificate

Al our teamleadersare in the possession of a VCA** certificate