Profile grinding for high precision

In addition to producing machines, Machine Factory Boessenkool is also the address for various machining work. Thanks to an extensive machine park, we can handle orders from small to large formats. You can contact us for CNC milling work and machining operations, such as CNC turning, weld surface grinding, milling, drilling, cobot welding, large welding work, boring and CNC grinding. As part of CNC grinding, we can also perform profile grinding. We have the right grinding machines for this. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to properly profile your workpiece.

What is profile grinding?

Grinding is a good method of machining to smooth a surface accurately or to provide it with a specific profile. At Machinefabriek Boessenkool we work with CNC grinding machines. This method of sharpening makes the sharpening process a lot more high-tech and makes more possible. Our professionals can guarantee the best surface quality and processing speed with our grinding machines when it comes to cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, centerless grinding and profile grinding, among other things.

Apply profile grinding

With the machining operation of grinding, you can flatten products, (re)sharpen blunt tools or provide a workpiece with a profile. The latter technique is called profile grinding. With this method of grinding, the profile is ground in the workpiece and the grinding wheel has the shape of the profile to be produced as an edge or is read from a template. Profile grinding is mainly used for producing surfaces that are plan-parallel, or surfaces that are flat and parallel to each other.

How does profile grinding work?

With profile grinding, the grinding wheel is clamped with the profile to be produced. The goal is to achieve the desired shape and geometry tolerances of the workpieces. The profile of the grinding wheel can be produced using different finishing methods. The most common finishing methods are:

  • Profiling rolls (expensive to produce, but the most economical solution for large-scale series production)
  • Forming rolls (less expensive to produce, but longer processing times shorten lifespan)
  • Profile diamonds (tools with the lowest manufacturing costs)

Increasingly higher demands are also being placed on the grinding wheels to be used in terms of machining capacity, speed and tool life. The service life is the time that a tool, in this case the sharpening stone, can be used until it needs to be replaced or sharpened. Longer service life means fewer interruptions, allowing the machine to be used more effectively.

Profile grinding at Machinefabriek Boessenkool

There is a lot involved in grinding a profile. However, at Machinefabriek Boessenkool we love challenges. We have the latest grinding machines for the best processing with the desired result. We are happy to help you with your grinding issue. What profile grinding can we do for you? Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the options with you. As a Machine Factory in Hengelo and Almelo, we are an experienced specialist in the field.

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