Not only do you need the right machines for large machining, with sufficient power and capacity, but also excellent employees with the right know-how and experience. Machinefabriek Boessenkool has both. Therefore this company in Almelo guarantees more than anybody else to carry out large machining within the desired period of time as well as in the desired quality.


We have for large machining in our production halls, among other things, a Juaristi Floortype CNC boring and milling machine, a large CNC vertical boring and turning mull and a Hwacheon MEGA – 95 CNC turning lathe. Possibilities for large machining in optima forma!


By means of large machining, Boessenkool manufactures products for the oil and gas industry, for example, but also bearings for large wind turbines with a diameter of several metres.
Want to know what our possibilities are for large machining in connection with your products? Please contact Boessenkool under or visit our website.

Machining is a kind of metalworking like for example: verticalturning, milling, boring, drilling. All machining processes at Boessenkool are CNC controlled with extreme precision in small series and one-offs. (tolerances down to 0,001 mm) From small parts up to (very) large dimensions.

To be able to perform various kinds of machining in various kinds of material, Boessenkool has very extensive machinery. We think along with our customers to realize those needs that your require by making your products according to your requirements.