Overlay welding

Overlay welding is a welding method with which a base material is provided by a second layer by means of a welding process. For example in order to repair a product at a certain place (therefore overlay welding is possible on location in this respect), to strengthen or to give an additional protection against, for example, corrosion.

In particular for overlay welding, Machinefabriek Boessenkool has all the necessary equipment as well as an air-conditioned welding space. Here the specialised employees can carry out their welding activities optimally resulting in an optimal quality.

Other welding activities

Apart from overlay welding, Boessenkool also offers the opportunity for certified welding of, for instance, aluminium and stainless steel, cast steel and hardox and pressure vessels up to 1,000 bar. The welding methods in the services package vary from OP Welding (SAW) and electrode welding (SMAW) via MIG/MAG (GMAW & FCAW) and TIG (GTAW) to Hot Wired TIG Automatic ETR Rd 30 mm (within boring up to 1,500 mm deep/long) or up to Rd 4,000 mm (with a depth/length of 4,000 mm).
Want to know what the possibilities are for overlay welding of your products? Please contact Boessenkool under info@boessenkool.com or visit our website.