An electric tractor or a drone that can lift people in an emergency. Two examples from a range of innovations from the sustainable innovation program of Machinefabriek Boessenkool in Almelo. With funding from Oost NL from the Innovation Fund Overijssel, Boessenkool can take faster steps in four sustainable innovations. For example, machines that recycle aerosols are sooner on the market. The innovation program is expected to lead to a direct growth of approximately 40 jobs.



Machinefabriek Boessenkool from Almelo started in 1902 as a garage that sells T-Ford automobiles and has grown into a full-fledged supplier of parts and equipment, to complete machines and products. Boessenkool is also working on sustainable innovations that can grow into an independent company under the wings of Boessenkool. Such as DeSpray, a start-up that makes recycling machines for aerosol cans. “Our machines can separate the metals and other substances from deodorant buses, for example, 100%, so that they are suitable for reuse,” says Eelco Osse, CEO of Boessenkool, who has increasingly focused on sustainable innovations with his company in recent years. “Ultimately, we want to make the world a better place with our products,” says Osse.



With the financing of Oost NL from the Innovation Fund Overijssel, Boessenkool continues to develop four innovations. These four innovations range from energy storage and electric tractors, to the development of drones that can lift people in emergencies and a machine that can recycle aerosols. Eelco Osse on the importance of financing: “In order to continue to lead the way in technology, it is important to continue to invest in innovation. That requires courage and daring. We are pleased that Oost NL has that confidence in us. The funding allows us to continue to develop and bring innovations to the market faster.”

Freek Welling, team manager Energy at Oost NL is proud of the contribution to Boessenkool’s innovation program: “The Boessenkool machine factory has been a leader in innovation in the region for years. The common thread in these innovations is the impact on people and the environment. For our region, companies like Boessenkool are essential for attracting talent and creating jobs.”



One of the sustainable innovations concerns “Kinext”; a technology that stores kinetic energy in a steel flywheel. The invention helps grid operators with energy storage with unpredictable peaks in generated electricity that are increasingly occurring in the generation of energy from wind and sun. Energy storage is indispensable to successfully complete the energy transition in the long term. The Kinext can be used in combination with storage technologies, such as batteries. Various network operators already use the flywheels.

Boessenkool is also working on the first electric tractor. The tractor has a complete electric drive and a unique track width adjustment. This allows farmers to work more efficiently and sustainably and use the land more profitably. “After many tests, the intention is to bring the first tractor to the market in 2020. The tractor is prepared to drive independently thanks to intelligent sensors and GPS. We are also looking at whether we can run the tractor partly on biodiesel and / or hydrogen, ”explains Osse.

Finally, Boessenkool develops drones with great lifting power under the name Drone4. An example of this is Drone4Emergency. This is a fully electric large drone that is capable of stably transporting people in emergency situations, for example during disasters. “It is also a challenge to make the drones strong enough to withstand tough conditions. They are currently able to lift no less than 500 kilos, ”says Osse proudly.