The Osse Group recently purchased a new COBOT with a sense of pride and full of positive expectations, which was immediately put into full use in the welding department of Machinefabriek Boessenkool. With the purchase of this unique, innovative system, the Osse Group has once again demonstrated its vision and decisiveness. Completely in line with its mission to continue to invest in knowledge, expertise, business processes and innovations. “Because,” says welding coordinator Bob Osse, “another important step has been taken with COBOT in order to remain a leader in a demanding market. This COBOT gives us a big boost to further perfect our products. ”


Immediately enthusiastic

Osse praises the COBOT: “On behalf of the Osse Group, I was looking for a new welding robot to be able to take another step forward in terms of technological quality. When I came across this COBOT of the Zwolle-based company WeCobot at a trade fair, I was immediately enthusiastic about the possibilities, the innovative character, the quality and the many application possibilities. The choice for this COBOT was logical and the first results are so good that we are confident that it will live up to expectations. ”


Professional teamwork

The name COBOT is a derivative of Cooperative Robot. Osse: “That means that this robot can function in the presence of and in collaboration with our skilled and experienced welders. With this he distinguishes himself from traditional robots. You have to see it as a professional interplay, where welders enter the correct instructions via a laptop, which is equipped with special software. That requires a lot of knowledge about welding, because without exact settings, COBOT does not do what is expected of it. ”


Extreme precision

The new COBOT, made by WeCobot from Zwolle, has many applications. Osse: “We immediately deployed it for our largest assignment ever, namely the Ultra High Vacuum tubes for the LHC, the particle accelerator from the CERN research institute in Geneva. Extreme precision is an absolute requirement for this and the COBOT complies. The welds are always perfect if the COBOT is set correctly. In addition, it can be used for many other products. ” Examples of this are the DeSpray installations and the flywheels for peak-shaving services made under the flag of the subsidiaries DeSpray Environmental and S4 Manufacturing respectively.


Clear benefits

The COBOT has a number of clear advantages. Osse: “First of all, this COBOT can be used flexibly for the production of both small and large series. In addition, as I indicated, he is extremely precise; once it is busy, it makes repetitive exactly the same welds. This also applies to the upright pendulum welding and with equal precision, the COBOT multilayer makes welds. The advantages for the welders themselves are also important, because the COBOT is light and compact and therefore easy to move. And you can put it anywhere, which saves the welders’ stressful body postures. ”


Well-considered investment

If you describe the COBOT as a cooperative welding robot, then you are actually doing it short. Osse: “The COBOT has many more application options than just welding. Think for example of sanding and polishing, screws, glues, and so on. All in all, the purchase of this COBOT is a good, necessary and well-considered investment with many technologically advanced options. I am convinced that he will deliver a lot to the Osse Group, in collaboration with our skilled employees. And we are very happy with that. Man and machine that deliver top performance together, that is wonderful! ”