OHTA Open Day once again a great success!


Machinefabriek Boessenkool regularly opens its doors wide to a wider audience. This was the case again on Saturday April 13 and we welcomed almost 265 (!) interested parties to our factory where a number of beautiful projects were in the spotlight.

Bending and welding plant hangers: a huge success
Many visitors also thought it was fantastic to roll up their sleeves themselves. Our employee Arnold Meier came up with this brilliant idea and judging by the enthusiasm, it is a part to record again next time! A short impression video was made of the day at all participating companies on April 13: you can watch it below.

Four participating companies
In addition to Boessenkool, the Almelo-based companies Spit, Benchmark and Sekisui were also specially opened for this day. All these companies are affiliated with Ontdek Hightech Almelo, a joining of forces of the larger high-tech companies in Almelo and surrounding areas. Technology experience is one of the most important motivations to continue organizing these types of activities because technology is and remains a fantastic field that never stands still. In the meantime, the Heracles coach drove continuously from location to location as a hop-on-hof-off bus. This was used a lot and provided an easy and efficient way to get around.

video copyright: Rikkert Harink on behalf of Ontdek Hightech Almelo
copyright photos: Machinefabriek Boessenkool.

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