Developments in the field of drones are following each other in rapid succession, with innovation and technological progress as key words. Drone4 is known for its leading innovation power.

Sized drone
Take the FireFighting drone for example. While fire engines can extinguish fires up to a height of about 25 meters, this drone has a much greater range. Consider in particular places that are difficult to reach, such as emerging solar panel parks where the call for fire safety is growing. A Drone4 solution, partly thanks to its multi-tasking features such as monitoring while you extinguish, can extinguish very quickly, precisely and powerfully in the right place. With the so-called ‘fognail’, up to 15 bar water pressure can be supplied. But these drones are also suitable for other logistics applications, such as installing solar panels or air conditioning on roofs where you can only use a mobile crane. A load test of no less than 150 kg was recently successfully carried out. In addition, drones can be used to quickly deliver life-saving medicines to more remote areas.

Lightweight solution for higher limits
With drones, weight plays an important role. A 30 meter hose with a diameter of 38 mm easily weighs 37.5 kg. That is why One Seven Compressed Air Foam has been looked at as an alternative for some time. It is considerably lighter than water and suitable for heights up to 400 meters. In short, it is a way to push boundaries.

The arrival of hydrogen-powered drones
At Drone4, electrically powered drones have reached a critical point. With each additional battery, the total weight increases, resulting in a shorter flight time. To tackle this problem, Drone4 is preparing to introduce the first drone powered by a hydrogen engine.

Innovation in hydrogen developments
Drone4 receives knowledge sharing around hydrogen developments from H2 Hub Twente, among others, the hydrogen platform where development, knowledge sharing and application are central. Drone4 also collaborates with a large number of parties, such as various collaborating regions. This collaboration mainly focuses on the further development of an optimal fire extinguishing instrument, covering all important aspects such as safety, applications, materials, personnel and efficiency.

Regulatory challenges
A point of attention is that developments in the field of drones are moving much faster than regulations regarding safety standards and requirements. Although there are clear regulations at European level, this only applies up to 25 kg. In the Netherlands, additional requirements are added, making it unclear whether certain applications are permitted. The best solution is for separate regulations to be introduced for each sector with its own specific circumstances, in order to keep everything clear. We are working on it, but unfortunately progress is slower than desired.

More information: drone4.eu

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