In this video, S4 Sales and Marketing Manager Karin Husmann explains how the S4 flywheel plays a key role in the conversion of diesel-powered cranes to fully electric cranes at the UWT terminal in the port of Rotterdam.

At UWT in Rotterdam, containers are unloaded and loaded from ships and trucks. The cranes used for this are diesel-electric cranes. The customer’s wish was to make taps fully electric.

To lift 1 load you need approximately 750 kilowatts of power in one go! That power was always taken from the diesel generator, but with the desire to electrify as much as possible, that electricity must be taken from the network. 750 kilowatts then entails a very short and high peak load. Normally you have to install a very large connection for this.

With the S4 Energy flywheel, that large connection is no longer necessary because you get all that peak power from the S4 flywheel. The flywheel is positioned between the electricity network and the crane. As soon as the crane starts to lift, the flywheel immediately supplies all the energy and when the crane releases its load again, braking energy is supplied back. So renewable energy.

The S4 flywheel with KINEXT technology is the solution where ‘peak shaving’ is required so that the power demand can be supplied immediately and quickly at every high peak. Without burdening other systems or the network.

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