In this video, versatile grower and inventor Bastian van der Veen explains what makes the e-Horse so particularly sustainable.

What do you mean minimal?
From the design onwards we wanted a minimum number of parts, minimum oil and energy consumption, low resistance and minimum hydraulic power. Developing as minimally as possible is actually starting from scratch.

What do you mean maximum?
Electric cylinders everywhere, motors in the wheels and the intention to put almost all energy into the work itself: sowing, hoeing and going around the plant with finger weeders. Maximum battery power in combination with solar panels with 4-wheel drive and steering ensures that you can continue driving with the e-Horse. Result: without recharging at 8 km per hour, just 6 hours non-stop in a little sunlight!

What do you mean Boessenkool?
Eelco Osse, director of Machinefabriek Boessenkool, met Bastian van der Veen through a collaborative project in the joint network. After a number of meetings where the idea and a design were discussed, Boessenkool entered into a collaboration with Bastian van der Veen. The result is the electric tractor and tool carrier, which will be launched on the market under the name e-Horse in 2023.

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