In this video, our own Drone4 pilot Ramon Wind explains what led to this special load test and how the test went.

During the Natural Disaster Expo (DNE) fair in March this year in Miami Beach, Florida, USA, there was a lot of interest in a mobile crane. A drone that can lift, transport, place and release goods between 50-100 kg. Consider goods such as solar panels and air conditioning units that have to be lifted onto roofs, placed and disconnected again. In situations where you cannot stamp a crane for a while.

Drone4 has taken up that question based on the already developed Drone4 drones. With a number of adjustments, we have developed a drone that can hook up and place a product or drop it. We have set the bar a little higher for ourselves at 150kg lifting force. After a few previous tests, this was an important moment: a load test with a very heavy air conditioning unit. In the video you can see how the load test went (absolutely great)!

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