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In our machinefactory in Almelo we perform various machining activities, but we are also innovative by converting ideas into designs and practical solutions. We are regularly asked to think along with our customers whether an idea on paper can actually become a product. We do not shy away from a challenge and want to continue to innovate, also together with our customers. Boessenkool is your partner from idea to end product!

Electric tow tractor: quiet, manoeuvrable and durable
A recent project that we are proud to participate in is a sustainable electric tractor and tool carrier. This machine is being developed together with versatile grower and inventor Bastian van Veen, who specializes in niche crops such as valerian root, early red seed onions and ornamental shrubs and everything that comes with it. A prototype is currently being finalized and the machine is almost ready to go into production next year. We have listened carefully to the wishes of our customer and looked at the possibilities in practice. For example, a light construction that works on solar panels has been chosen. In this way, sustainability is further increased and a lot of work can be done. Furthermore, the electric tractor is almost completely silent, very stable, manoeuvrable, equipped with a very simple operation and during work the driver has a continuous good view of the work. An asset for arable farmers and tree nurseries, for example. The prototype has already been successful, but of course we always aim for an even better result.

About the cooperation partner
Eelco Osse, director of Machinefabriek Boessenkool, got to know Bastian van der Veen through a collaborative project in the joint network. Bastian is an arable farmer and ornamental shrub grower, lives and works in Geesbrug (Drenthe) and focuses on niche crops such as valerian, ornamental shrubs and planted red seed onions on 80 hectares. An idea, a design was discussed in a number of meetings and Boessenkool entered into a collaboration with client and cooperation partner Bastian van der Veen. The result is the electric tractor and implement carrier, which were devised and developed together by the gentlemen and will shortly be marketed under the name e-Horse.

View the e-Horse WDR report (February 2023)

Also looking for a cooperation partner?
Do you have a great idea or design and are you looking for a partner who can help you further develop and realize it? At Machinefabriek Boessenkool we are happy to look at the possibilities together with you to further develop your idea. Thanks to our knowledge, experience and our extensive machinery, our professionals do not shy away from a challenge. We are happy to see if we can work together to translate your idea into a successful product.

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