High demand for DeSpray installations after successful first deliveries


After the successful first deliveries of DeSpray installations to waste processors in Limburg and Nevada (USA) earlier this year, more and more orders are coming in from Europe and America. The number of requests for information is also increasing and the installations are also being offered in more than 40 countries. DeSpray Environmental is conquering the market!

100% recycled spray cans

The great attention for DeSpray also became apparent during the Aerosol Dispensing Forum (ADF) Conference on 17 and 18 September in New York (part of the Easyfairs Conference). On behalf of DeSpray, aerosol entrepreneur and expert Mike MacKay gave a lecture entitled “The future is here.” He explained about DeSpray’s innovative role as the inventor and builder of the first 100 percent spray can recycling system. The story of Mike MacKay received a lot of positive interest and afterwards he also received requests for further information. DeSpray is also expected to make a successful appearance on October 9 and 10 at the Waste & Recycling Expo in Toronto, Canada.

Sustainability prize

The DeSpray installations are completely unique because they both separate liquids, gases and metals and recycle them 100 percent into renewable resources. Residual materials are therefore fully reused. Spray cans are never completely empty. When they reach the waste, they still contain a leftover gas and liquid content. Since around 15 billion aerosol cans are sprayed “empty” each year, the totality is huge. That is why DeSpray installations are a real asset for reducing the amount of waste, reducing global warming and improving the environment. That is really circular! It is not without reason that DeSpray Environmental has received the Sustainability prize from the European Aerosol Federation (FEA) for the DeSpray 500.

Special and unique technology

The technology used for the DeSpray installations is special and certainly unique. After all, the propellants are not collected in a carbon filter base (with a continuous waste stream), but are collected internally and compressed back to a fully liquid state for reuse as an alternative fuel. So nothing disappears in the atmosphere. In addition, the cans are crushed in a completely sealed oxygen-free environment in a batch system where size sorting is not necessary.

Easy in use

The DeSpray installations are also very easy to use: pouring the spray cans into the container and pressing the start button is sufficient. The DS 500 and DS 1500 are therefore fully automatic and fully integrated safety interfaces, which require relatively little training or expertise from the employee.

For more information: despray.com