Tukkervlet has found charity: Twente tegen Kanker Foundation


Tukkervlet charity choice made

The Tukkervlet project was officially kicked off on 18 November last year by fourth-year students from Pius X College in Almelo. With Machinefabriek Boessenkool as sponsor and partner, they are building a steel boat of 6.60 x 2 meters in the Techniekhal of the school. This will be launched on 2 July and christened in the canal opposite Boessenkool. Simultaneously with the launch, the Tukkervlet is donated to the Twente Tegen Kanker Foundation..

School-wide project
Van Helden: “By building the Tukkervlet, the students gain great practical experience, and this involves several disciplines. Students of the Produce, Install and Energy profile are engaged in joining materials, arc welding and construction works. In addition, students of the Bouwen Wonen & Interieur profile are also involved in the project, who are responsible for, among other things, the wood and painting Nerk. Students of the Media Design & ICT profile ensure appropriate lettering and the marketing and promotion discipline is in hands of students of the Economics profile. Due to this broad commitment, the construction of the Tukkervlet has really become a school-wide project in which everything comes together nicely. In addition, it is a tough project in which the students have to do their utmost and, above all, have to work well together.

The charity: Twente Tegen Kanker Foundation
Lecturer and project leader Jos van Helden: ”Initially, in consultation with the students, we chose KWF Netherlands as a charity. But a few weeks ago I saw an interview with Angelique Koedijk in the newspaper. who recently set up the Twente Tegen Kanker foundation. This enthusiastic group of people wants to alleviate the suffering of cancer patients and their loved ones in Twente in all kinds of ways. We then decided, because of the purely Twente character, to make this foundation a good cause. Of course with all due respect for the fantastic work of KWF, but we thought the Twente Tegen Kanker Foundation would be a better fit for us. In addition, Rob, Angelique Koedijk’s son, attended the Media Design & ICT course at Pius X College. He now takes care of part of the promotion for the project by means of reporting and designing, among other things. An accidental but fun incident.”

Koedijk’s response to the initiative of the Pius X College and Boessenkool was heartwarming. ‘Thank you very much for the nice conversation and thank you ‘unmeunig’ for this great opportunity to get ‘my’ new Foundation Twente against Cancer even stronger from the starting blocks. Together we will make something very beautiful. I am sure that the unique PIUS X Tukkervlet will become a great item with a nice yield’. Van Helden: “After Angelique’s visit to our school, our enthusiasm to make this project a success has only increased. What enthusiasm!”.

Van Helden continues: “We will ensure that photos of the project are posted on the foundation’s website as soon as possible. Interested parties are welcome at our school to come and take a look. Incidentally, interest has already been shown and pledged from several sides. For example, Bolk Transport will take care of the transport of the Tukkervlet. The company AS Paint from Vriezenveen is prepared to paint the Tukkervlet. We are convinced that this interest will continue to grow strongly with a fantastic yield as a result.” expects Van Helden. And that hope is shared by Boessenkool, who also has a very warm heart for the Twente tegen Kanker Foundation.

More information

Pius X College
Jos van Helden, teacher and project leader
T. 06 – 20 47 93 30

Twente Tegen Kanker Foundation
Angelique Koedijk, chairperson
T. 06 – 57 88 56 60

Machinefabriek Boessenkool
Turfkade 13
7602 PA Almelo
T . (0546) – 488 800