Boessenkool realizes medical glove factory in Ghana


More than two years ago, the Ghanaian entrepreneur Addom Seme ended up at Machinefabriek Boessenkool through François Collard of Dutch Dipping Products. The Ghanaian owns three hospitals in his home country and had the intention to have medical gloves made for his own purposes.

The first step
So the idea was to set up a factory, called Golden Latex Products Limited to process liquid latex and then produce gloves using a dipping line.

For example, we entered into a conversation from Machinefabriek Boessenkool. And with the knowledge and experience of Dutch Dipping Products, the plans were made concrete. Dutch Dipping Products knows better than anyone how to build machines for the production of, among other things, latex articles.

This Ghana project is made possible by the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF). This initiative by the Dutch government supports and offers assistance to Dutch companies that do business in an emerging market or developing country.

Hectares full of latex trees
The special and also the convenience is that the Ghanaian client has access to many hectares with latex trees. This amount of own trees quickly gave rise to the idea of training Ghanaians to tap latex for use in the new factory. This created employment for about 2,000 Ghanaians, in addition to the employees who will soon be working in the factory. The Ghanaian government is therefore very positive about this project, which not only creates work, but also ensures that around 11,000 medical latex gloves will roll out of the machines per hour.

The pre-treatment plant is now ready and put into operation. Many thousands of liters of liquid latex are produced every day. After the completion of the second phase of the project around the summer of 2022, many thousands of medical latex gloves will roll off the immersion line per hour. There will be a total of eight dipping lines with a length of 108 meters. The required production lines are completely built in the Boessenkool factory in Almelo and are then transported to Ghana.

All this has become possible only through the close cooperation between Machinefabriek Boessenkool, Dutch Dipping Products and Golden Latex Products. We are proud to be part of this great project and we wish Golden Latex Products every success with this factory.