€4,500 donated to Stadsboerderij Beeklust


On October 16, 2023, Machinefabriek Boessenkool presented a check worth € 4,500 to the charity: Stadsboerderij Beeklust in Almelo. During the festive opening of the new Boessenkool building, guests made a voluntary contribution instead of gifts. Gaby Bossink, Personal Supervisor at Stadsboerderij Beeklust, received the check for the proceeds: “An incredibly nice amount, great!”

Information boards and new shed
Naturally, the amount was received with great gratitude. It is also immediately clear what the amount will be spent on. For example, new information boards will be installed at the various meadows about the animals present. In addition, Stadsboerderij Beeklust has been saving for a new barn in the so-called ‘cuddle meadow’ for some time now. Gaby: “With this amount we also hope to be able to realize the new shed more quickly, because the current one is in urgent need of replacement. We would also like to get rid of the current regularly recurring repair work.”

Eelco Osse from Machinefabriek Boessenkool: “The well-being and development of our employees also comes first in our company. Create connection and help each other. Our new office building and the renovated facade also contribute to this. This was the reason and reason for choosing this charity. We wanted to keep it close to home and preferred a small-scale project. Stadsboerderij Beeklust was soon discussed. It is fantastic how the employees and many volunteers of Stadsboerderij Beeklust ensure that participants have a pleasant environment every day, with a lot of love and patience, now and in the future.”

Contributing to a society of importance
Machinefabriek Boessenkool has been awarding another notable prize since 1969. The Boessenkool Prize is awarded annually to young technical talent in the region and is an incentive for technical students to choose challenging and innovative positions in technology. This year was already the 54th ceremony!

Stadsboerderij Beeklust
Stadsboerderij-Beeklust is part of De Twentse Zorgcentra, is publicly accessible and has a public function. Visitors to the City Farm come for the animals, the farm shop, events and relaxation. It is maintained by participants with an intellectual and/or physical disability and can work as an animal caretaker, agricultural employee, shop employee or facility employee. In an enthusiastic team, participants are given sufficient opportunity to utilize their qualities. More info: stadsboerderijbeeklust.nl.

Machinefabriek Boessenkool
Machinefabriek Boessenkool Almelo is a factory for mechanical engineering in the broadest sense of the word and has a rich history dating back to 1902. In the factory, professionals develop, design, process and produce the various parts, systems, but also complete machines. . Specialized in large format, extreme accuracy and small quantities. The associated service-oriented activities, such as testing, overhaul and construction, are also part of the daily activities. More info: boessenkool.com.

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