e-Horse technical

  • Precision: light weight for minimal ground pressure and fully electric.
  • Working width: suitable for a three meter wide hoe, weeder or seeder.
  • Working speed: driving speed maximum 13 kilometers per hour. Maximum speed 8 kilometers per hour at work.
  • Power: 20 kWh battery capacity (lithium ion) and 8 solar panels (place for 12).
  • Drive: permanent four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. 48 Volt wheel motors.
  • Company: collaboration between Boessenkool and Van der Veen.
  • Price: from €100,000.

Controlled Traffic Farming

For farmers, the soil is their best friend. A gift to be cherished. With that in mind, we help farmers with new innovative 'Controlled Traffic Farming' ways to keep the soil healthy while maximizing yields.

Everything electric
Everything works electrically. The drive is stepless and is operated with a small joy stick. The lifting device and steering system are electrically operated. The only oil in the vehicle is the oil in the gearbox of the wheel motors. All four wheels are permanently driven. Up to a few degrees of steering angle, only the front wheels are steered. So while hoeing the vehicle drives like a conventional tractor. With a larger steering angle, the four-wheel steering automatically switches on to make short turns on the headland. Steering can be done fully automatically using GPS. The vehicle weighs 1,880 kg without tools.

The e-Horse has functioned well and will be continued based on the experiences. This will be a vehicle that is equipped with not one, but three lifting devices. This will be a version powered by a fuel cell. The frame becomes narrower, allowing the successor to also work with six-meter-wide implements. This is not possible with the current frame because it does not have the space to fold up an implement for transport.

Each wheel is equipped with a 48 Volt wheel motor. The 'roof' consists of solar panels. The outer panels can be folded down for transport or storage. © 2024 Video, photo and text: NPPL, Martin Smits.

Machinefabriek Boessenkool: partner of e-Horse

In our factory we develop, design, process and produce parts, systems, but also complete machines. You can also contact us for service-oriented work, such as testing, overhaul and construction. Would you like to know more about the different options of our factory? We would be happy to discuss your wishes with you further. Craftsmanship. Simply provide good solutions. The collaborative mentality of the pure co-maker. These three basic principles best explain what Machinefabriek Boessenkool stands for and goes for.

Test phase e-Horse

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