Machining for the correct custom processing

At Machinefabriek Boessenkool you can go for various machining work of any size, as we have a very extensive machine park. We have machines of the best quality in our machine park and our professionals always know how to handle various machining operations. In our machine factory we can CNC turning, milling, drilling, grinding, boring and more for you.

Our professionals provide tailor-made processing.

Machining is a material processing of mainly metal, but can also be used on wood and plastic. During machining, material is removed from the product in a controlled manner using a specific hand or machine tool. The mass decreases and the original shape of the product changes. The residual waste that is removed from the material is the so-called chips. Examples of machining operations include drilling, milling, turning, welding, boring, grinding, filing, sawing and tapping.

Boessenkool is a specialized machining company.We machine aluminum, stainless steel and metal, among other things.

Machining different materials

Machining and large machining are processes that require a lot of expertise and craftsmanship, because there are numerous factors that must be taken into account. Depending on the material, the correct tools must be used and the correct adjustment between tools and material is important for the best end result. The speed of CNC machining and the heat released during this process must also be taken into account. Depending on the desired end result of the product, each material has its own machining method. Attention is paid to the specific properties of the material type. Boessenkool is also specialized in large-scale machining. You can always contact us with large format orders!

The materials for machining

Machining metal

Machining operations are most common in the metalworking industry. Since this often involves precision work, CNC lathes are often used. In CNC machining, CNC stands for 'computer numerical control'. These lathes are controlled by a computer, with the CNC machinist responsible for programming the computer. The big advantage of a CNC machine is that it allows you to produce larger quantities with precision for multiple product parts.

Plastic machining

It is becoming increasingly common to choose plastic over metal. Plastic is also easy to machine. This includes plastic milling and plastic turning. Plastics can have very interesting properties, such as good conductivity, low friction resistance and a lighter weight than that of metal. And in certain industries, plastic is preferred because it is safer and cheaper to work with plastic.

Machining wood

ven though machining is now more commonly done on metal and plastic, the oldest form of machining comes from woodworking. This includes sawing, planing and making cutouts, for example when working on furniture, sawing planks or fitting window frames and doors. The disadvantage of CNC machining wood is that the wood can split and, for example, split in two along the longitudinal axis.

Machining operations

By performing machining operations, material is processed and chips are removed from the base product. In addition to the different materials that can be machined, there are also various operations to change the shape of a product. The machining technique that the machinist chooses depends on the goal that needs to be achieved. Examples of machining work that we carry out at Machinefabriek Boessenkool include turning, milling, profile grinding, drilling, grinding and boring.

Machining operations


Turning is done on a lathe. When turning, the product is placed in a clamp. This clamp firmly holds the product to be machined and rotates at high speed. To obtain the desired shape, the machine must be properly adjusted by the turner or CNC machinist. The correct speed is important as well as the tools used.


Machining milling is performed on a milling machine by a cutter. The product to be machined is itself clamped and the cutter moves in different directions and positions to give the desired shape to the product. Unlike turning, the product does not move during machining and milling, which is the case with turning.


Drilling is a machining technique in which a round hole is made in the product using a drill. This can be done using a drill, where the machine rotates, or a lathe can be used. Then the product itself rotates.


With the machining technique of grinding, the aim is to smooth a surface accurately or to provide it with a specific profile.


Boring is also a machining technique that is mainly used to get a damaged round hole back into the correct round shape. It is a form of turning in which the product itself is held still and the tool rotates.

CNC machining

Most machining techniques can be performed in the conventional manner. However, nowadays these machining operations are often controlled by a computer on a CNC lathe or a CNC milling machine. The CNC machinist is responsible for properly programming and controlling the computer-controlled machines.

Machinefabriek Boessenkool for your machining operations

There are various machining activities that we are happy to carry out for you at Machinefabriek Boessenkool. Whether it concerns CNC turning, grinding or milling, our professional machinists are ready to custom machine your products with the best machines. At Boessenkool we are also specialized in large boringlarge milling worklarge welding work and large machining.

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