For years, the Boessenkool LPG filling gun has been tested as the best by various organizations and organizations, including Stoomwezen, Lloyds, Bk-Gas, BP, Tokheim and Shell. Because gas is still released with the traditional filling guns during decoupling and to look for a cheaper production method, there has been a redesign of the LPG filling gun. The new filling gun has been approved by the designated authorities (The Steam System and others).
Features of the new nozzle:

  • Less pollution because less leakage gas (residual gas) remains in the nozzle after refueling
  • Easier to use due to the new design
  • Fewer subcomponents and therefore cheaper to produce

In addition, Boessenkool uses the old LPG filling gun in its product range, popularly known as the BK-Nozzle.

For (request) questions about this product you can send an email to stating the filling gun.

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