Optimal machining through CNC grinding

At Machinefabriek Boessenkool we can carry out various machining work of any size for you. We have an extensive machine park with machines of the best quality. This means that in addition to mechanical engineering, we can also handle a range of machining operations, such as CNC turning, carousel turning, weld surface grinding, milling, profile grinding, drilling, cobot welding, large welding, boring and CNC grinding. Our professionals are ready to help you and are happy to get to work for optimal custom processing and the best end result.

To smooth a surface accurately or to provide it with a specific profile, you can choose to have a product ground. The abbreviation CNC stands for 'Computer Numerical Control' and is used for computer-controlled machines. By using CNC grinding machines during the grinding process, it is possible to grind your products in a high-tech way. Our experts can do CNC cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, weld surface grinding, profile grinding and centerless grinding for you. CNC custom work and we do internal honing. Our CNC grinding machines get the best out of machining and guarantee the best surface quality and processing speed.

CNC grinding options

CNC grinding can be very diverse. At Machinefabriek Boessenkool you can find various CNC grinding options. Whether it concerns CNC cylindrical grinding of smaller profiles or centerless shape grinding, with our cylindrical grinding machines we ensure an optimal, high-quality end result. You can also contact us for surface grinding of various materials. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we always choose the right method for your product for the best result.

CNC grinding machines

At Machinefabriek Boessenkool we have several computer-controlled grinding machines. We use our CNC grinding machines for multiple purposes. We can use them for CNC cylindrical grinding, regrinding or manufacturing various cutting tools. But our CNC grinding machines are also suitable for processing various customized assignments, because our CNC are equipped with the latest technologies and innovations. To this end, we follow developments within our industry. This way we get the most out of our CNC grinding machines and can guarantee high quality.

CNC grinding at Machinefabriek Boessenkool

There are many options in the field of CNC grinding, including CNC cylindrical grinding. When you place your grinding order at Machinefabriek Boessenkool, you are assured that your product will be processed by the best CNC grinding machines. Our professionals are ready to assist you and are happy to work on a tailor-made process and the best end result.

Questions or comments about CNC grinding?

Boessenkool has more than 120 years of experience in various grinding activities. Contact us to discuss the options for CNC grinding. As a Machine Factory in Hengelo and Almelo, we are an experienced specialist in the field. Our team of specialists is happy to help you!

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