In our construction department parts, semi-finished products and complete machines are assembled, the sheet metal work is manufactured and div. welding work performed. This can vary from thin TIG welding to heavy-duty OP welding with welding thicknesses of more than 100 mm. Examples of products that Boessenkool made for its relations are constructions of a strong lock gate or a crane frame and an application for glove production line.

The design and engineering were conducted in constructive collaboration with our customers. The parts were constructed with the greatest possible care and then fabricated. The realized products function flawlessly, day in and day out.

We have the following welding processes in house: TIG, GMAW (Mig / Mag), FCAW (filled wire), SMAW (Electrode welding), SAW (OP or Under Powder deck welding), varying from steel to stainless steel to aluminum and div. other more exotic materials, such as Inconel. For most processes we have the required certification and inspections as standard.

In our production halls we can handle constructions up to a length of more than 150 meters with a diameter of 8 meters wide and 8 meters high (divisible larger sizes are conceivable) with partial weights up to 60 (or even 120) tons.

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